The Campaign’s Power Drawing publications are packed with advice and ideas for drawing in education. They are appropriate for all year groups - toddlers to Higher Education, at £6 each, or £24 for a Primary or Secondary set (five books for the price of four).

These richly-illustrated books show the power of drawing to enable us to understand, think and act. They provide evidence of drawing as a tool for learning, and explain the use of different kinds of drawings for different educational and professional purposes. Power Drawing books are for teachers, cultural educators, Big Draw organisers, artists, workshop leaders – and everyone who is interested in the power of drawing to enable us to understand, think and make things happen.

Buy now from the Big Draw Shop. Or send a cheque for the right amount made out to the Campaign for Drawing, adding £3 P+P to the total, to 7 Gentleman’s Row EN2 6PT.

Drawing, A Tool For Design
Explains how engineers, architects and landscape architects involved in the construction industry use drawing.
Funded by Arup Foundation.

Power Drawing: Active Learning
Shows how drawing features across the curriculum in primary schools.
Funded by Education Leeds and Creativity, Culture & Education

Start Drawing!
Explains the importance of drawing in the intellectual and emotional development of young children aged 3-6.

Power Drawing Notebooks
Shows how children aged 7-11 draw to explore ideas and to develop their view of the world.

Space and Place
Illustrates how students in schools and higher education use different drawing systems to explore notions of space and place.

Lines of Enquiry
Shows how students in secondary schools use drawing in their learning in art and design, reflecting on experience, exploring and developing ideas.

Professional Practices
Illustrates how different professionals use drawing in their work. Features drawing by archaeologists, artists, cartoonists, designers and illustrators.

Drawing on Experience
Focuses on the use of drawing as a medium for learning in museums and galleries.

Drawing: It Makes You Think!
Shows how drawing can be used to support learning in secondary schools. Most importantly, it argues that different kinds of drawing promote different kinds of thinking.

Start With Drawing
Resource pack for primary schools - drawing projects for individuals and groups, using the environment as stimulus.