Drawing Research Network

The Drawing Research Network is a discussion and information forum for practitioners and researchers in higher education. Individuals and institutions use the Network to communicate news, to explore possibilities for cooperation in drawing research, to propose collaborative projects and to share outputs. Sharing and communication on this scale had not existed before its creation in May 2001.

A sister organisation to the Campaign for Drawing, the Network comprises an international group of over 300 artists, designers, teachers, students, scientists and engineers who use drawing in their courses, or study the nature of drawing. It is supported and co-ordinated by the Open University. Its website (www.drawing.org.uk) provides information on members, recent drawing projects, institutions engaged in drawing research and organisations that promote drawing. Its main medium for discussion is an email forum, an open conference supported by JISC mail, the national academic mailing list service. Dr Steve Garner of the Department of Design and Innovation, the Open University, directs the Drawing Research Network and email forum.