Drawing is more than just grabbing a brush or a pencil, a piece of paper to create an image. Drawing is an art and it does not matter how old you are or whether you are an experienced drawer or you are actually drawing your first image in your life, you are an artist! But yes, if you want to become famous you need a bit more than just being a good drawer. For instance, you also need a bit of luck, much like reaching the freespins level at a game. In our case though, you need to be at the right place at the right time. Or at least one of your paintings or drawings needs to be on display at a galleria or any other art event at the right time. Then, of course, you need to be talented, even the biggest artists out there started off entirely on their own without any sort of teaching or sometimes even without any support of friends, family or teachers at drawing classes. Being talented is a mere necessity in any kind of activity if you want to succeed and make more out of it than drawing just being your hobby. It also applies to athletes for example or musicians or even math geniuses or a player who is after the next big win of a game using freespins to claim his rewards.

But please keep in mind, that it is not all about becoming famous and having your drawings on display in the most famous galleries in the world. You have to remind yourself that what you are doing is an activity that is fun for you and you really enjoy to draw. You should never put too much pressure on yourself and force yourself to create drawings that are even more perfect than those of the most famous artists of all time. Think about a football player who is already entering the pitch with heavy shoulders and this burden around his neck, and then when his big chance comes, he misses it. Why? Because he had to succeed so badly, he wants to be famous after all, right? Or our friend, the player who is after a huge jackpot and pressures himself too much during the round of freespins. The result? He makes the wrong choice and the jackpot is gone once and for all. The same goes for you, if you are not drawing anymore for fun, but to seek perfection by drawing the perfect painting, then people will spot this unnatural image right away. Only with a clear mind without pressure or being forced by others, it is possible to draw the picture you really wanted to create.

Therefore, our advice is always, do not let yourself being told what you have to draw or how to draw your image. It is your work, after all, your picture, your painting or your drawing, so sit back, take a deep breath and start drawing. You will be surprised what kind of images you can create if your mind is totally clear.