Help For Event Organisers


The Big Draw database - how it works

The Big Draw database holds records of organisations arranging "Big Draw" events in October. The organisation details are held for administrative purposes only; it is the event details that are displayed on the website via the search facilities of the database. If your event is not in October, you may use the Big Draw logo and other publicity material, available for download from this website, but please do not register here.

In order to add an event to the database, organisers must first register their contact details. Only after these have been submitted will there be an opportunity to submit event details. Once an organisation is registered, additional events can be added or existing event details updated via this website. There is no facility to view or update organisation details online (for data protection reasons) so any changes should be submitted by email to the Campaign for Drawing (

Please note: All submissions to the database - organisation or event details - will be subject to verification by the Campaign for Drawing, and event details will not be viewable (or editable) on the website until this is done. This may take up to 24 hours. Please avoid using the 'Back' button after submitting your organisation or event details as it could cause your entry to fail or be duplicated.


Organisation Registration

Note that by "organisation" we mean the name of the organisation arranging an event, which may or may not be the name of the venue where an event is to take place. If you are unsure if you are already registered or the exact registration name used, please check the list of names of registered organisations.

You are required to give:

  • Region - this is a break-down of the UK into 12 geographical regions plus offshore/overseas. These regions reflect those used by Arts Council England and bodies such as the National Trust.
  • Organisation name - please avoid using "The" at the beginning. We appreciate that in some cases it is necessary, but only in special cases such as 'The Queen's Gallery' or in single word organisations (eg The Lowry). It can be included in the venue name when registering event details, though this is inadvisable as it will be listed under T. Organisation names starting with numbers are acceptable.
  • Contact name and full address of the organisation, including telephone number. These details are confidential and not available to the public.
  • A school is any educational institution for pupils up to age 18. This field allows us to quickly identify for funders the number of schools taking part.
  • It is important for us to identify the most effective form of dissemination of information about the Campaign, so please let us know how you heard about the Big Draw

You are also asked for, but are not obliged to give, a fax number and email address. These details are for admin purposes only and will not be displayed on the website. Email addresses are an important means of communication with the Campaign for Drawing, so please supply this if at all possible. Please note: if you do not give a valid email address we will be unable to update you on Big Draw developments. We encourage registration of organisation details with email addresses as soon as possible (event details can be entered later).

You will be required to read and agree to the terms and conditions.


Event Submissions

After submitting your organisations' details, you will have the opportunity to add event details, for one or more events. You may choose to do this later, by using the left-hand column link 'Register an Event', and selecting your organisation by choosing apropriately from the drop-down lists. As mentioned above, these are subject to verification by the Campaign for Drawing before you or the public will see them. You are asked to give the following details. In order to save time, event details will be auto-filled with your organisations' details as default. You must change these for events that are not held at your organisation address. Event details are also given defaults which, once again, you should change as needed. Many of these are simply filled with 'tbc' (to be confirmed) which you may change now or later, but please don't forget to change these as you finalise plans for the event.

  • Region - this is simply a break-down of the UK into 12 geographical regions plus offshore/overseas. These regions reflect those used by Arts Council England and bodies such as the National Trust. This enables members of the public to search for events in their region.
  • Event venue name - this may, or may not, be the same as the organisation arranging the event. Venue names starting with numbers are acceptable.
  • The full address of the event venue, not of the organisation - unless these are the same. This can always be changed if you are initially unsure of the venue.
  • Contact telephone number for the public. If the event is open to the public, then a venue tel no must be supplied to allow the public or journalists to ring for more information. Closed events may leave the tel no blank, but please be aware that closed events may not be included in some Big Draw publicity material, including the Big Draw Guide.
  • Your website address - this will be displayed as a link, if given. This will allow the public to find a more detailed description.
  • Event title - it helps if you can give all your events distinct names, even if they are only "The Big Draw 1", "The Big Draw 2", etc as this will help identify events should you wish to edit them later. Try to choose a snappy title rather than just 'The Big Draw'. As every event is a Big Draw, the title on the database need not be the main one. Use it to give the public a quick flavour of your event and to differentiate it from over all the others.
  • Event description - must be restricted to 60 words.
  • An indication of the intended audience.
  • Date(s) of the event - to keep entries as uniform as possible, please try to use the following types of format: 'Sat 19 - Tues 22 Oct' or '17-19, 21-25 Oct' or '14 Oct 2002 - 18 Jan 2003'.
  • Time(s) of event - as above, please try to use the following format: 10am-4pm.
  • Normal Admission Charge - Please state whether participants need to pay the normal admission charge to the venue or not. If the normal admission charge is reduced but not free, please include the charge in the Event Cost (field below).
  • Cost of Event - The Event Cost is any charge over and above the normal admission charge (if there is one), including suggestions for donations towards costs. As people may wish to search for free events, please include this word if appropriate (e.g.: "£1.60 adults/children free").
  • Category – this field is for admin purposes only and will not be visible. Select the category you feel is most appropriate (we may change this but don't worry about it). This allows us to identify the number of venues in particular categories for funders.

After submitting an event, you will be given an event registration number. It is imperative that you make a note of this number (the easiest way is to print it out) as it is your proof of event registration. You will also have the opportunity to submit further events. Events should be listed separately if they are held at different venues or if your programme varies substantially in content on different dates or times (for event titles, see above).

Once submitted, it is best to view your entry as if you are a member of the public by doing an event search. Then use the 'Edit Event' facility to add or alter any of the details. Remember to allow 24-48 hrs after registration to allow verification by the Campaign for Drawing (your changes will not be visible till this has been done).


Updating Event submissions

From the "Update your event" link on the left, select the event you want to update by choosing apropriately from the drop-down lists.


Deleting events and/or organisation details

Please contact stating clearly the event(s) or organisation you want removed from the database. Please give the name of the organisation arranging the event, the event venue and the title of any events you want removed.