All you need to plan and deliver a successful Big Draw in 2014


Who can organise an event?

Anybody can!

  • Individuals: young people, artists, teachers, care workers, parents and home educators...
  • Organisations: museums, galleries, libraries, heritage sites, cinemas, parks, artist studios, schools, nurseries, colleges, care homes, hospitals, shops, community centres...

What does it cost?

The Campaign's mission is to get everyone drawing, so to lift barriers which might stop people organising or taking part in activities, registration remains free.

However, your donations are essential to the Campaign for Drawing's future as we receive no statutory funding. Please donate before registering your event. Consider giving £25, or any amount you can afford.



How do we register?

To organise an event you need to register. This ensures it is included in the listings, so you can attract more attention and a bigger audience.

We have a help page, with information about the registration process, how your details are stored and what to do if you need to change your registration details.

Please plan your event and register as soon as possible.

If your event is family friendly and takes place between 17 October and 2 November, you can make it part of the Family Arts Festival. You only need to register your event on where there is an option to include it in The Big Draw.

If your event does not fit with the audience or times of the Family Arts Festival, or takes place outside the UK, register with us as usual.


Big Draw 2013 theme and resources

Every year we suggest a theme to help you plan your Big Draw and perhaps go on to win one of our Drawing Inspiration Awards. Draw Tomorrow was the 2013 theme.

The 2014 theme is "It's Our World"

To make sure your event goes smoothly, we offer the following resources:


Key Dates

1 Oct 2014 Big Draw starts
4 Oct 2014 Big Draw Day
17 Oct 2014 Family Arts Festival starts
2 Nov 2014 Big Draw ends with the last day of the Family Arts Festival
15 Dec 2014 Drawing Inspiration Awards Submission deadline