Purpose, vision, values and stakeholders

Established in 2006, The Campaign for Drawing is a registered charity with this objective:

  • To promote drawing by people of all ages in all sections of society in the United Kingdom and overseas, with the aim of engaging them in creative activities as a medium for learning
  • To facilitate intellectual and emotional development
  • To encourage greater cultural appreciation and awareness, particularly through drawing
  • To achieve these goals in a variety of settings such as colleges, schools, museums, galleries, heritage sites, libraries, community centres and other public buildings, and outdoor spaces

The Campaign for Drawing's vision is

  • For drawing to be widely understood by professionals and the general public as an important tool for learning, creativity, enjoyment, and social and cultural engagement – a basic human skill used by everyone in all walks of life
  • For significant change in the way drawing is perceived by the public, by educators, and by policy-makers, turning 'I can't draw' into 'I can and do draw'
  • For these changes in understanding to translate into action – for drawing to be used more widely as a creative tool for observation, thought, invention and action: within formal and informal education, creative and cultural fields, across the arts and sciences and in other areas of work and leisure
  • For drawing to be embedded across the curriculum and at all key stages within primary and secondary schools
  • For access and excellence to be promoted in all our activities

The Campaign for Drawing seeks to achieve its vision through:

  • Worldwide, celebratory and free Big Draw events, which raise the profile of drawing, encourage public participation, and promote access to, and innovation in the world's cultural institutions
  • The Power Drawing professional development programme, which increases knowledge, understanding, and confidence about the uses of drawing, and the capacity to deliver these in the educational and cultural sectors
  • Advocating change to educational and cultural policy-makers and supporting practitioners through the wide dissemination of good practice guidelines, case studies and research
  • Fostering networks to share knowledge and good practice in the uses of drawing
  • Building partnerships with other organisations and individuals to add value to each other's areas of operation, for example through the delivery of special projects

The values which underpin the Campaign's work include:

  • Participation – increasing the numbers of people who draw and enjoy drawing, and increasing the numbers of professionals who confidently use drawing as an important tool for creativity and communication
  • Inclusion – ensuring that the Campaign's activities and website are accessible, relevant and attractive to a wide audience; ensuring that the Campaign continues to seek new participants for drawing from all sections of society
  • Innovation – training and support for education professionals and others engaged in drawing activities, to be confident and experimental in their use of drawing as a medium for learning, engagement, and enjoyment
  • Collaboration – strategic partnership with organisations (voluntary, educational, or corporate) with complementary aims, enhancing events such as Family Learning Week or Archives Awareness Month
  • Quality – underpinning our programmes with well-structured research and professional rigour; promoting excellence in all areas of our work


The Campaign for Drawing is a registered educational charity, which exists to serve and benefit both the general public and professionals.

The general public includes everyone, however the Campaign has a particular interest in encouraging participation, confidence, enjoyment and ability in drawing among people who may have lacked previous opportunities to draw.

Professionals include people working in formal or informal education – teachers, trainee teachers, teacher trainers, lecturers, researchers, museum, gallery and heritage educators, cultural mediators, artists, illustrators, designers and others – who wish to facilitate learning, access and engagement.

Professionals also include people who use or may use drawing in their daily work or practice: artists, illustrators, designers, scientists, engineers and medical professionals.

The Campaign also aspires to support business teams in collaborating across conceptual or language barriers, recognising this as a category which may not have considered drawing as a tool enhance creativity at work.